Checa Next Door - The Store

Checa Next Door The Store



Inspired by CHECA, we want to keep sharing our favorite produce and flavours:


Specialty Coffee - Our house coffee is from Peru, Amazonas region, and we have 7 other Latin American origins, to take away or try it at our Espresso Bar. Check out our coffee selection HERE


Espresso Bar Specialty Coffee

Craft Chocolate - Bean to Bar - where the origins, sustainability and relationship with producers is the most important. We specially love our bars made from Peruvian Cacao grown in Piura, Cusco, Moyobamba and Ucayali. Come and check out our "Chocolate Wall" with more than 100 different bars!

 Craft Bean to Bar Chocolate Wall and Specialty Coffee


Peruvian Flavours - You will find some of the ingredients used in the Peruvian dishes at Checa restaurant such as Purple Corn, Panca chilli, Peruvian Black Olives: and other EKO delicacies such as Peruvian marmalade (Lucuma, Aguaymanto or Physallis, Pineapple), quinoa & purple corn cereal (gluten free), Yacon syrup (natural swetener) and Superfoods (Maca, Lucuma, quinoa, purple corn, etc and much more!

Checa ingredients and Peruvian Flavours

Art & Design -Checa has displayed the art of our talented friend Joanna Simson since the start, and now her work is in display and available for purchase at Checa Next Door. We also have design pieces of Peruvian Alpaca and other handmde design items. At the moment we are hosting our friends White label Project, who showcase the handmade pieces from designers based around the world.


Art Cafe Collages inspired by Checa made by Joanna Simson