Crafted Bean to Bar Chocolate

Auro Chocolate
Auro was founded in 2015 by Kelly Go and Mark Ocampo. They wanted to showcase the richness of Filipino cacao and give back to the communities by sourcing the cacao directly from their farming partners. Auro work with high quality cacao from over 10 cacao producing cooperatives and 80 individual farmers, mainly in the Davao region. They also source their other main ingredients locally. In recent year Filipino cacao is getting more recognition. One example is the Paquibato bar; in 2019 at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris the cacao beans of Mr. Jose Saguban was awarded by the Cocoa of Excellence. He is the first Filipino cacao farmer to reach the Top 20 Best Cacao from International Cacao Awards of Cocoa of Excellence.
Checa Next Door is the only shop in Sweden to sell Auro Chocolate.

Paquibato 70%
The cacao from Paquibato was the first cacao in the Philipines to be awarded among the top 20 in the Cacao of Excelence Award in 2019. This chocolate has notes of forest valley flowers, dark honey and caramelized nuts.

70% Tupi
Cacao from Tupi at the foothill of Mt. Matutum, give this chocolate notes of raisin, red wine, orange confit and dried mango.

85% Regalo
 In the tropical forests of Davao, the Regalo variety has notes of green apple, green tea & pine wood.

70% Saloy
 With cacao from Saloy, by the mountains, this bar develop notes of herbs, bergamot and cherries.

100% Saloy
The singe ingredient is cacao beans from Saloy in this intense bar with notes of herbs, bergamot and cherries.

42% Milk Chocolate with Banana Chips
Creamy milk chocolate with crunchy banana chips from Davao, a favorite Filipino snack

42% Milk Chocolate with Cacao Nibs 
Smooth and creamy milk chocolate with cacao nibs to give that extra crunch.

64% Cacao Nibs
A milder dark chocolate with crunchy cacao nibs.

32% Roasted White Chocolate with Cashews
A roasted white chocolate with rich caramel notes combined with cashew nuts from Palawan and a touch of sea salt

55% Coffee
A sweet dark chocolate with subtle tropical notes sprinkled with bits of Arabica Coffee beans from Bengue.

Definite Chocolate
In the center of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Marjorie and Jens run their family business and make chocolate since 2016. They only work with cacao from different regions of the country and local inclusions. In November 2020 they received their Organic Certification, which means that they still haven’t updated the information on the packaging.

Checa Next Door is the only shop in Sweden to sell Definite Chocolate.

Dark chocolate 70%
Cacao from Öko Caribe with tasting notes of plum, orange, zest, hazelnut.

Dark chocolate 80%
This bar is also made with Öko Caribe cacao, with a higher percentage the tasting notes changes towards jasmine, chamomile and lemon.

Coffee & Seasalt 65%
Cacao from Finca Elvesia and Casa Barista house blend coffee, Jarabacoa and Barahona, of course grown on the Dominican Republic. Tasting notes of date, caramel and nuts.

Macadamia – Cashew dark milk
A nutty bar in all it’s glory, instead of dairy it’s made with cashew milk and delicious macadamia nuts. Cacao comes from Biocafcao, Villa Altagracia

Domincan Rum
Cacao from Finca Elvesia combined with aged rum Barcelo, Gran Añejo creating a deep and rich bar.

Crunchy cassava (also called yucca) root chips with cacao from Öko Caribe with notes of plum, raisin and fig.

Caramelized Almonds & Cashew milk 55%
The combination of cashew milk, caramelized almonds, spices and cacao from Valdez, Las Berenjas, create a warming bar with notes of caramel.

Chocolate Tree
Outside of Edinburgh Alastair and Friederike Gower run their family business. They make chocolate, bonbons and talk about the importance of biodiversity. They mainly work with cacao from South and Central America, and all of their cacao is organic agro-forestry cacao which means it’s grown in a sustainable way.
They are a member of 1 % for the planet which means that they donate one percent of their annual sales to environmental nonprofit projects.
Made with cacao from northern Peru, the village of Chililique, this bar is rich bar with woody and fruity notes.

Piura – milk chocolate
A creamy milk chocolate with cacao from the village of Chililique.

Marañon – milk chocolate
A rich milk chocolate made with cacao grown in the Marañón canyon at the foothills of the Andes. ‘

A creamy dark bar with 20% coconut added to the 55% cacao from Chililique, Peru. Creating a bar that is sweet and smooth even if it only contains 25% sugar.  

Porcelana is a famous heirloom cacao of Venezuela with a delicate nutty flavor.

Pisco Sour
Pisco, lime and bitters infused into cacao nibs from the Chililique community of Piura, giving texture and intensity to the dark chocolate of the same origin.

Pineapple and coconut soaked in dark rum and then mixed with dark chocolate using Belizean cacao.

An ancient cacao variety from Tabasco, Mexico has been soaked in mezcal, the traditional agave spirit, which give the chocolate deep notes of agave and the typical smokiness of mezcal.

A spicy dark chocolate made in traditional Mexican style, using cacao from Tabasco and warming spices.

Georgia Ramon
Since the first of November 2020 Phillip Butzmann is the new owner of the company based in Bonn Germany. It was started by Georg Bernardini och Ramona Gustmann in 2015. All of them have a background in pastry and the brand is known for their elaborated designs and flavor combinations.

Wild Bolivia
Wild cacao from Itenez, Bolivia with notes of honey, roasted nuts, figs, plum and coffee.  

Coffee & Nibs – milk chocolate
A milk chocolate combining the Dominican cacao with coffee from Speicherstadt Kaffeerösterei in Hamburg, with cacao nibs to add a texture to the bar.

Peru White Chocolate with Nibs
A high percentage white chocolate bar with Peruvian natural cacao butter with mild notes of caramel and nuts. The cacao nibs add intensity and crunch.

The cacao is grown in the Urubamba valley below Machu Picchu. Notice the mild fruitiness and floral notes.

Dominican Cacao, from Öko Caribe, combined with coffee from Brasil and Dominikan Republic roasted by Speicherstadt Kaffeerösterei in Hamburg.

Krak Chocolate
Krak is made in Ermerlo, Netherlands. Mark has been working with patisserie since the age of fourteen. In 2011 he started to buy his own cacao beans to be in control of the whole process. Now he can accentuate the unique profile of each cacao region. The design may be simplistic but the chocolate bars the more intense.

Checa Next Door is the only shop in Sweden to sell Krak Chocolate.

Vietnam 70%
A full-bodied deep chocolate with notes of rum, spice, tobacco and wood.
The cacao is grown in the Ben Tre region.

Since 2005 the Kumar family has been growing cacao and in 2015 they started to make chocolate. This makes them “Tree to bar” the term used for cacao growers who also produce the finished chocolate bar. They focus on Indian flavors and source their ingredients locally, such as sugar from northern India, when not grown by themselves. The plantation found at the foot of the Anamalai hills in Tamil Nadu, southeastern India has organic certification and is run with the principles of permaculture. Since the beginning of 2020 the chocolate also has organic certification, but they still need to update the packaging.

It is run by the two brothers-in-law Karthikeyan Palasisamy and Harish Manoj Kumar and their spouses. They carefully select and ferment the cacao beans before transforming them into chocolate. In 2017 they were rewarded with the Cocoa of Excellence Award.

Checa Next Door is the only shop in Sweden to sell Soklet.

Indian 82%     
Experience the Indian cacao on its own with notes of spices, cedar, licorice and a fruity finish.

Coconut Crunch
The ultimate coconut bar, sweetness from coconut sugar, creaminess from coconut milk and crunch from coconut flakes.

Peanut Crunch
This bar is topped with roasted peanuts and flaky sea salt.

Hibiscus give this chocolate an additional acidity combined with the texture of the roasted pumpkin seeds to create a unique Indian chocolate bar.

Surprise yourself with the intensity of this bar, combining the spiciness of one of the world’s hottest chilis, Bhut Jolokia with pink Himalayan salt and cacao from the Anamalais mountains.

Candid Ginger
The crunchy candid ginger adds a sweet and spicy twist to this dark chocolate.

Mint & Nibs
Peppermint to add a refreshing touch to a dark chocolate with crunchy cacao nibs.

Desi Rabdi
This bar is inspired by the traditional Indian sweet Rabdi with roasted milk, pistachios and saffron.

Iris and Bob in the UK have a large selection of chocolate bars, at Checa we have decided to focus on their bars with cacao from Peru. They started to make chocolate when they were looking for vegan white chocolate and realized they could do it better themselves. Today they make everything from rich dark chocolate, to salty caramel coconut milk bars and creamy white bars with peanuts. In 2020 they got a lot of attention for their coffee bar, containing only cacao butter, coffee and sugar, the call it So Woke because it’s their idea of how to consume coffee in the future; by eating it.

Checa Next Door is the only shop in Sweden to sell Solkiki.

Gran nativo 78%
Light body with bright notes of panela and apricot made with the most awarded bean in Peru, from Piura, a region dense with fine cacao. The makers say “It’s like an apricot-flavoured butterfly dancing on your palate.”

Marañon Maraba coffee 71%
Fine fruity chocolate in delicate balance with fruity specialty coffee from Rwanda grown by Abahuzamugambi Ba Kawa roasted by Union Hand-Roasted Coffee.

Gran Chililique 70%
A playful bar with citrus notes you might also discover notes of caramel, cherry liquor, honey, strawberries and yoghurt made with award winning cacao from Piura, Peru.

Gran Palo Blanco 82+3%
Mild and malty with a gentle fruity, aromatic spicy edge. It’s a deep, rich bar but very accessible for an 85%. The 83 in the name stands for cacao beans and the 3 for added cacao butter.

Gran Chililique 62% - coconut dark milk
Bright, sweet, fresh tropical fruits. A unique dark coconut milk bar; chocolate notes but still sweet and fruity.

Gran Palo Blanco 65%– coconut dark milk
This bar is a deeply satisfying, rich, chocolatey, malted-biscuity dark coconut milk. It was the most awarded dark milk chocolate of 2019, vegan or not. Cacao from a small community called Cesar Vallejo de Palo Blanco, Piura.

Marañon Salted Caramel 60% - coconut dark milk
Elegant notes of caramel & banoffee with gentle undernotes of liquorice or raspberry in this bar with a rare cacao from the Marañon valley, a sprinkle of coconut to soften the edge and a touch of pink salt to bring out the flavors.

Marañon Ararat Brandy 60% - coconut dark milk
In this bar the Marañon Salted Caramel meets Ararat brandy from Yerevan Brandy Company in Armenia. The rich notes of wood, caramel and toffee blends well with the chocolate and the cacao nibs add a pleasant texture.

Tahini Nougat Salty Peanut
Let the sweet and salty notes play in this creamy redskin peanut and Tahitian vanilla bar. This is a dairy-free alternative to white chocolate that was voted the best of all British flavored white chocolate bars in 2016. They use gmo-free soy and undeodorised cacao butter to create an unprocessed white chocolate.

So Woke Coffee
A unique bara containing three ingredients bar: Ethereum coffee, Peruvian cacao butter and sugar, all organic and minimally processed. The makers imagine the future of 2073 where we eat out coffee - rich with a creamy finish.

Standout Chocolate
Fredrik started to make chocolate in Kållered outside of Göteborg. He wanted to focus on two ingredient chocolate, which mean no extra cacao butter is added. He immediately got praise for his bars and the past years he’s added dark milk chocolate bars and a Nordic Collection to his assortment. All of which have been well received in the craft chocolate community. When you look at the packaging you will both see descriptions of the flavor notes as well as suggested pairings, with coffee as well as spirits.

Peru 70%
Using the Chuncho cacao variety from Urubamba this bar is fruity with notes of dark fruits and blueberry and a hint of floral.

India 70%
Among lush green hills of Idukki cacao is grown, creating notes of juicy red apples, cherries, raisins and hazelnuts.

Belize 70%
With cacao from Maya Mountain in Belize this bar reveal notes of blackberries, raisin and chocolate brownies.

Guatemala 70%
A pleasant acidity of tropical fruits, citrus, dark sugar and black tea with cacao from Lachúa, Guatemala.

Madagascar 70%
Madagascar is known for fruity cacao and this is no exception with notes of red fruits, melon and citrus.

Madagascar 60% - dark milk
The same cacao as above with added milk, the fruitiness is still present but now you also find lovely caramel notes.

Haiti 70%
A mild and sweet chocolate with notes of vanilla, roasted nuts and a hint of black olives.

Haiti 60% - dark milk
The same cacao as above with added milk to create a rich milk chocolate bar with toasty and malty notes.

Deep notes of blueberries from the forests in the north of Sweden combined with cacao from the Dominican Republic.

Spruce sprout (granskott)
Cacao from the Dominican Republic is combined with spruce sprouts picked by hand in the forests of Södermanland. If you’ve tasted them fresh you will recognize the fresh acidity in the bar.

Storm & Bille
In the heart of Göteborg a two-person chocolate factory can be found. Kristin and Johan started making chocolate in 2017 and has been adding new origins to their assortment every year. The designs are created by Kristin. They don’t use any milk or nuts in their factory.

The cacao is grown in the Virunga National bark.

Uganda Seasalt
Seasalt is sprinkled on top of the bar to add a pleasant twist.

Uganda Chili
Chili has been added to the bar to give a contrast to the chocolate.

The O´Payo cacao give this chocolate bar notes of passionfruit, coffee, kiwi and pineapple.

Nicaragua Coffee nibs
Coffee nibs have been added to this bar to add crunch and intensify the coffee notes of the chocolate.

Nicaragua Cacao nibs
The cacao nibs add texture and intensity to the Nicaraguan cacao.

A sweet and fruity chocolate with notes of mango using cacao from the village San Juan Chivite

With cacao grown in Idukki this bar has notes of cherries, apricot and spice.

India Ginger
Their Indian chocolate bar blended with ginger to add extra spice.

San Tome
The island of San Tome and Principe is known as the chocolate island and this bar has chocolaty notes as well as cashew nuts and a hit of smokiness.

Svenska Kakaobolaget
Fredrik and Ulrika run their family business in Österlen. They call it the vacation that never ended, when they quit their job and took over Österlen Choklad, making bonbons and starting to make chocolate from scratch. Today they also use their own chocolate in their bonbons, which is still a rare thing even across the world. The source cacao from across the world and have visited several of the places where the cacao they use is grown.

Peru 72%
A complex dark chocolate with notes of rose, litchi and black pepper. The cacao comes from Ucayali River Cacao and the fermentation station is located outside of Pucallpa in the Amazon of Peru.

Peru 85%
A darker version of the Peruvian bar with a deep flavor and notes of rose, litchi and black pepper. The cacao comes from Ucayali River Cacao and the fermentation station is located outside of Pucallpa in the Amazon of Peru.

Dominican Republic 70%
A balanced dark chocolate with notes of honey, red berries and nuts. The cacao comes from Öko Caribe in the  Duarte region of the Dominican Republic. Öko Caribe collaborates with 180 farmers working for sustainable cacao production.

Uganda 72%
A chocolaty chocolate with fruity notes of banana bread, orange and cinnamon.  The cacao comes from Semuliki Forest Cacao were most of the 1000 farmers are women.  

Tanzania 74%
A rich dark chocolate with aciditc notes of plum, cherries, raisins and green apples. The cacao comes from Kokoa Kamili, their fermentation station is in the village of Mbingu.

Darkness 100%
Pure cacao, a chocolate bar produced with only cacao beans from Kokoa Kamili. An intense experience with notes of nuts, raisins and dried figs. An espresso is all about the coffee, this bar is all about the cacao.

Dark milk
A creamy dark milk chocolate bar with notes of honey, red berries and nuts, made with cacao from Öko Caribe in the Duarte region of the Dominican Republic.

Coconut milk
A dark mylk bar, with coconut instead of milk, using the cacao from Öko Caribe in the Duarte region of the Dominican Republic.

Sweet and salty raw liqorice from Calabria, Italy have been added to the dark milk chocolate with Dominican cacao.

A dark chocolate with cardamom, perfect with a cup of coffee. The cacao comes from Öko Caribe in the  Duarte region of the Dominican Republic. Tales of Stockholm
These bars won the Swedish Design Award 2019. The design and the mould looking like a map of Stockholm is created to tell

Tales of Stockholm.

The chocolate bars themselves are made by Malmö Chokladfabrik for the Stockholm based brand.

Södermalm 70% 
This part of Stockholm has a café in each corner, which is why they’ve added a touch of coffee to this bar.

Gamla Stan 85%
Cacao from San Martin, Peru with a touch of smoke to represent the Old Town of Stockholm.Djurgården 
The lushes green islandof Stockholm gets represented with the addition of lingonberry to this bar.

Taucherli Chocolate
Kay Keusan is a chocolate maker in Zürich, Switzerland wanting to show that Swiss chocolate is more than just mass-produced industrial chocolate. His passion for the craft chocolate process is inked on his skin with his famous bean to bar tattoos and he work with unique cacao varieties from around the world.
The Mexican chocolate in his selection will surprise you from the first look. What appears to be a milk chocolate turns out to be a playful dark chocolate that takes you on a journey. While the chocolate melts in your mouth you will discover how the flavor profile changes and you’ll discover sweet notes of caramel, nuts and a lingering ascidity. The cacao is grown by Finca La Rioja in Chiapas, Mexico, a small family owned plantation receiving lots of praise for their delicate beans.
Checa Next Door is the only shop in Sweden to sell Taucherli Chocolate. Taucherli is the name of the bird in the logo, the Eurasian coot.

Mexico 70%
Beautifully light in color, this unique cacao variety will play with your tastebuds revealing notes of citrus, nuts and caramel.

Ghana 100%
This 100% bar will melt smoothly in your mouth. The added cacao butter makes the bar milder than many other pure cacao bars. Intense and chocolaty with notes of coconut.

Vintage Plantations
The most northern chocolate maker in Sweden is Vintage Plantations in Umeå working directly with a cooperative in Ecuador. Since 2013 Jenny and Lars make chocolate and all of their inclusions are local berries or herbs. There is a texture to the chocolate, where you can still feel a roughness of ground cacao beans. They want to create an experience enhanced by the texture of the powder and herbs added to their bars.

Ecuador 75%
A chocolate bar with a slight texture and deep chocolate notes with a mild fruitiness.

Black currant
The back of the bar is covered with local black currant powder giving additional texture and flavor to the Ecuadorian cacao.

The back of the bar is covered with local cranberry powder giving additional texture and flavor to the Ecuadorian cacao.

Wayfarer Chocolate
Very few chocolate bars are made here in Stockholm. Christian runs a one man bean-to-bar chocolate company from a small space in Gärdet, using cacao from Wampusirpi, Honduras. The chocolate was launched in 2018 and has gotten a lot of recognizion in the international craft chocolate community. The artwork is inspired by the long journey the cacao has to travel on the river Rio Patuca, since there are no roads in the area. The name of the bar is Along the river.

Honduras 70%
A chocolate that will bring a smile to your face as it melt and you travel on a river of chocolate and nutty notes.

Bertil Åkesson’s estate in the Sambirano Valley, in north western Madagascar is divided into smaller plantations such as Ambolikapiky where cacao has been produced since the 1920’s. Cacao trees need shade so other plants and trees are grown among the cacao, such as the peppers used to flavor some of the bars in their selection. Åkesson is of Swedish descent and his cacao journey started in Madagascar. Cacao from his plantations can often be found in craft chocolate and is famous for its fruitiness with distinct red berry notes. Since 2009 he is also one of the owners of Fazenda Sempre Firme in Bahia, Brazil.  

Madagascar 100%
In this bar the cacao beans are the only ingredient and a specific variety is separated from the rest of the cacao to create this intense chocolate where you notice the citrus and red berry notes of the cacao itself.

Madagascar 75% - Black Pepper
The red berry notes of the cacao come together with the characteristic black pepper of Madagascar with warm notes of pine kernel and fresh hints of green fruits.

Madagascar 75% - Pink Pepper
The floral notes of the local pink pepper combined with the citrus and red berry notes of the chocolate.

Brazil 75%: A smooth chocolate with woody and earthy notes and a hint of the local pitanga fruit.

Zotter Chocolate
In Riegersburg Austria the Zotter family runs their chocolate factory and chocolate theatre, where visitors can experience the whole process of chocolate making. It started off as a small confectionary shop, but in 1999 Josef Zotter started to make chocolate from the bean to the bar and created the hand-scooped bars. Since then the business has grown and now the children work together with the parents. They work with organic and fair trade ingredients and they constantly develop new flavor combinations such as using maple sugar instead of ordinary sugar in their Granola & Fruit bar.

Espresso ‘macchiato’
A thin layer of dark and white chocolate filled with a creamy coffee ganache, made with Arabica coffee beans from Colombia, Mexico and Peru with a touch of Indian Robusta

Mango Tango
A thin layer of dark chocolate with a fruity filling. One layer of mango and cashew praline with pieces of mango on top of a lemon chocolate layer with their homemade lemon confit and white chocolate.
They use Preda Mangoes, a company working for children’s rights in the Philippines.

Granola Fruit
A thin layer of dark chocolate filled with a coconut blossom praline with raisins, passion fruit and crispy rice flakes covered in a wild berry and coconut coat. coconut nougat and fruit. Sweetened with maple sugar. 100% vegan.

Nut Delight
A thin layer of dark milk chocolate filled a nutty, warming center of finely ground hazelnuts, roughly chopped almonds in chocolate with cinnamon.

Belize – Sailed Shipped Cacao - 72%
The cacao traveled from Belize to Hamburg on the sailboat Avontuur, a completely emission-free journey. The chocolate is surprisingly sweet and mild with notes of caramelised nuts, sweet condensed milk, blackberries, with a malt finish.

Brasil 72%
Cacao from the Para region of Brasil give this bar almond, banana, and floral notes with a rich chocolatey body and a cherry finish.

82% - Criollo - Peru
A very mild chocolate with delicate notes of nuts, nougat, sweet cream, biscuit, raisin, grape and lemon.

72% - Chucho - Peru
Chuncho is a rare cocoa variety from Peru. A sweet and mild chocolate with notes of lightly salted crackers, nuts, cream and exotic fruit (echoes of mango, banana and watermelon)

Zotter roasts Arabica coffee beans from Colombia, Mexico and Peru to create this milky chocolate bar.

The milk from the Tyrol region of Austria is caramelized and combined with cacao butter, muscovado sugar and a pinch of salt to create this melty caramel bar with a touch of cinnamon.