Peruvian Black Olives

Mandel Potato Terrine
w/ creamy yellow chilli, black olive
sauce & quail egg

Sweet Potato Fries
w/ yellow chilli mayo, koriander & limo chilli

Traditional crispy cassava root

Peruvian Chicken Wings
Marinated in Peruvian Oriental sauce

Causa Mash
Seasoned mandel potatis mash with yello Chilli & touch of lime, topped with octopus in a Peruvian black olive sauce / or shrimps on the wok in a distinct panka chili marinade

Salmon Tiradito
Salmon in slices w/ fresh avocado leche de tigre & sweet potatoe pure mixed with lucuma


LIMA Style
​Fresh Sea Bass marinated in lime, red onions Peruvian aromatic chilli, koriander, Leche de Tigre, sweet potato & Peruvian corn 
​Sea Bass, gambas, octopus, mussels & crispy calamari rings marinated in Leche de Tigre, red onions, sweet potato and Peruvian corn
​Fresh salmon marinated in a yellow chilli Leche de Tigre, red onions, Peruvian aromatic chilli and corn
​Mushrooms & Zucchini marinated in a veggie Leche de Tigre. Peruvian corn and avocado 
​Fresh tuna marinated in Leche de Tigre w/ a Japanese Nikkei influence, koriander Peruvian aromatic chilli & avocado


Salmon Escabeche
Salmon filet cooked in its own broth with a Sweet & Sour Escabeche flavour. Served with onions, yellow chilli, and garnished w/ black olives, quail egg & feta cheese

Jumpin Lomo
​Tender and juicy oxfile chunks flambe with tomatoes, onions, potato sticks, yellow chilli & koriander. Garlic rice on the side 
Grilled Pulpo
​Octopus Tentacles, sliced, on the grill and marinated in
a distinct Peruvian Panka chilli sauce, with a base of Andean & mandel potato puree
Panka Portobellos & Andean Potato Stew
Portobello mushrooms in a panka anticucho marinade a traditional sun dried Andean potato stew. Garlic rice on the side (vegan)
Fish & Seafood Peruvian Tempura
​Crispy Sea Bass filets, Gambas & Calamari, on a base of mandel potatis terrine and salad with a fresh & spicy (light) Yellow Chilli dressing 
Sea Rice
​Creamy rice with Gambs, Calamari, Octopus, Mussels in a Peruvian chilli panka base. Includes parmesan, koriander and a fresh onion salsa 
Crispy Pork Belly (chicharron)
Traditional Pork Belly over Andean sun dried potato
stew & fresh onion salsa. Garlic rice on the side